Hi, I’m Connor

On most days, we face certain stresses. We might be worried about a family member, our careers, and even about our pets if they decide to misbehave.

Before we know, one day rolls into another and we have not had the chance to enjoy some of the finer things life has to offer. Possibly, it’s a passion for travel or guilty obsession with whatever our favorite hobby is, from houscleaning to even shopping.

More often than not, the right relationship with that special someone can help balance life out, allowing you face these stresses. Regardless, I am a 32 year old investment banker who is attractive, successful, and adventurous.

So, where do you and I fit in? Ideally, you are attractive, smart and enjoys my time. Sometimes, I might drag you to work function, so if you are comfortable shifting between bathing suits and cocktails dresses, than we are on the same page.

Adoption: $475 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Neil

I LOVE life! That being said, now that I’m working two jobs with long hours, I find it harder to meet new people. Yes, I live in the city, but you don’t have to. A love of adventure, quick wit and keen sense of humor are mandatory though = )

Not looking for love at first sight… I’m a realist, but still believe anything is possible.

I’m somewhat different than the rest… old fashioned, sarcastic, intelligent and reasonably handsome. I’m an old soul with a young heart.

Please, introduce yourself….

Adoption: $375 Dollars (Free Shipping within  US)

Hi, I’m Franklin

I’m a loner, bookish, the quiet type, but lately have the desire for company.

I have some time before classes start again, & would like to get into some trouble. Like grab a coffee & have a (hopefully) good conversation. The worst that’ll happen, I imagine, is that we find each other utterly repellent & simply don’t do it again. The fact is I thrive on experience, it is the pockets of gray that bother me.

I live alone in the city, but my circumstances aren’t great. No car, I’m poor, & I have no idea where I’m headed. I work part time & am an undergraduate student. I’m a tall, but not huge unicorn.

I enjoy tangential conversations. I write, but lately I’ve been trying to quit. I smoke cigarettes. Please be very tolerant of smokers. I don’t drink, however, though I am very tolerant of drinkers. 

Adoption: $475 Dollars (Free shipping within US)