Hi, I’m Emmet,

I’m a struggling multi-instrumentalist, with a strong distaste for miscreants.

An example of a perfect night includes socializing (I’m alcohol and tobacco friendly), discussing the Romney campaign and spinning some old Pat Boone records.. yes, I collect vinyl.

Here’s the thing though…I do have a bit of temper. If I see something beyond the walls of my moral fortress, I’ve been known to fly into a deep, red rage and foam at the mouth.

If you’re caring, open-minded and patient, I know you can help me jump over my own shadow. Please adopt me.

Adoption: $375 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Tim

Looking for love in this place. Me? Mildly disabled on Canadian CCP pension. Sharing a House with a roommate, a neat freak, but spend time with home improvements, travel and Yahoo.

Like listening to music (lately Jazz, Rock, Country, Gospel, Blues, Classical). Goals are to find part time employment, buy a piano in the next few weeks and improve my skills.

In the past, I have enjoyed lifting, walking, jumping, running, and piano playing. Looking for good values and fun attitude

Adoption: $175 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Burt

I have so much to offer you intellectually, sensually, and as a friend. It would be my pleasure to make your acquaintance, to get to know you, to see if you have something that is worth developing.

I am not looking for a short term fling, or something less than fantastic! I’m looking
for someone who would enjoys me, and finding their breath taken away by a dog who loves to please.

I am a happily divorced father of three adult children.

Adoption: $175 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Bill

I am somewhat bored with things and this weather is making me feel adventurous. I am hoping to find a someone, married or single, that wants to be friends with a cool baboon.

I’m very strong and colorful. No pressure from me at all. I am educated, fun, social drinker/smoker/pills, easy going, sane, respectful and funny.

What should we do?

Adoption: $475 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Dustin

Hey you! You looking for that special seal? You can stop Looking. Very young for my age, enjoy romantic evenings with cooking… vegetarian or meat is fine with me.

I’m unemployed. Looking for that one special person or more. Please be in reasonable shape fun and energetic.

Adoption: $325 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Mitch

So I’ll be honest, I live alone. When most people hear this just they laugh and walk away…so to actually look for me on this site, it’s a big deal. lol

I actually don’t judge people like I used to. I don’t really care if you’re going to make six figures, how fake you can be to get where you’re going…I stopped being materialistic long ago.

Although I’m still paying off my student loans I’m looking to go to grad school so I can finally land a job that is more in tune with my law degree (I’m not licensed).

So I’m not perfect, but at least I admit it haha. More then 90% of these posts on here are fake…just guys looking for more than a snuggle. I’m the other 10% percent.

Adoption: $350 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Brett

I guess I’m out of touch, but if you want to meet someone that’s single, fairly attractive and has his life together, let’s talk. Fine, I’m a shy introvert, I guess, but I’m a really decent and responsible down-to-earth blue dog.

I’ve been married before and, frankly, I miss it…the companionship, the partnership.

I guess I’m just not very optimistic that the person I’m looking for will be able to find this amongst all the other profiles.

Adoption: $275 Dollars (Free shipping within US)

Hi, I’m Craig

I can skin a buck, run a trot line - props to you if you know the singer and can finish the song haha. I do not judge all people by appearances - it’s a small (if at all) part to me.

I don’t have to bend over to see my feet=bonus! My body is a temple=bonus! My body is an amusement center=bonus!

If you are tired of the rat race and want to get away please contact me. If you have kids no problem - just trying to find someone who fits me. Have a sense of humor and like the water.

Adoption: $175 Dollars (Free shipping within US)